Habitat for Humanity Provides a Home

A current family lives in public housing with their three children.  Despite its efforts, Hudson Dockett, is still very transient, overcrowded, crime ridden, not handicap accessible, and as far from a family home as you can be and still have a roof overhead.  The mother has health and physical limitations that force her to walk with a cane.  Despite these limitations and with the help of her family, she works very hard on her sweat equity commitment of 500 hours towards her Habitat home.

Due to her medical condition, the mother is currently not working but her husband drives a school bus for one of the local School Systems.  He says that he is excited to have a home where the kids can play and be safe.  

The house in progress is being constructed for this wonderful family in our targeted neighborhood revitalization area of Leila Ellis. We hope to be finished in March 2015.  This family's work has gone above and beyond helping our efforts of their new neighborhood.  This summer our affiliate asked every family that was in the process of homeownership to join and help us tell the Habitat homeownership story at the annual Juneteenth Celebration.  This family was so happy to share their story about what it meant to he qualified and accepted as a partner family for Habitat.