The Haven

Client J came to us via Greyhound from another state.  She chose Georgia because she always thought it would be a nice place to live.  She had been “on the run” from her abuser for almost 20 years, but he always seemed to find her.  He has fractured her back, broken her collar bone, knocked her front teeth out, choked her, and she almost died more than once.  She is elderly, and requires a walker due to her back injuries.  She believes he was able to locate her by using his powerful connections in law enforcement.  Despite having changed her name and social security number several times through the court system, her perpetrator had still managed to track her down many times.  She suffered from anxiety and bipolar disorder, most likely as a result of the violence and fear she endured.  During her stay at The Haven, she became stable because she was regularly attending her appointments at Behavioral Health Services and taking her medication for her anxiety and depression.  She was able to build bonds and friendships, and rebuild her self-esteem and self-worth.  She completed the program at our shelter, and was referred to a permanent residential program that provides housing to those meeting the federal definition of homelessness and have been diagnosed with a mental illness.  She is now living semi-independently, she is an active participant in our outreach program, she has finally been able to plant some roots and make a life for herself without constant fear.