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Advocating for an 11-county region, the Greater Valdosta United Way unites community organizations to develop collaborative solutions to critical issues. Focusing on basic needs, housing and shelter, youth and afterschool programs, and mental health awareness, the GVUW advocates for a better quality of life for all residents. Through their networking and collaboration with partners, the GVUW can invest in the best evidence-based programs that make the biggest impact in South Georgia.

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We are working to establish the GVUW as a valued leader and resource for local, state, and federal government representatives by:


Advocating for legislation that meets the critical needs of South Georgia's most vulnerable populations.


Ensuring that state and federal dollars are distributed to GVUW partner agencies, other nonprofits, and community organizations.


Creating awareness of issues that improve our community through education, income stability, and health and wellness initiatives that serve as building blocks for better lives and stronger communities.

Counties Served

Counties served
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