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Together, we live united.

Greater Valdosta United Way is a leader in bringing donors, volunteers, and community organizations together to solve critical problems in our 11 county region. We invest in three key areas: assuring children and youth have the support and experiences needed for a successful life and career, increasing the number of financially stable households and providing a safety net for vulnerable populations, and striving to improve and sustain the community's overall health and wellness. We leverage community resources and monitor results to maximize donor dollars. It’s giving…the United Way!

Our Impact

Together, we will improve our community starting at its roots with long-term solutions focused on Education, Income Stability, and Health and Wellness – the building blocks to better lives and stronger communities.

What We Do

Everyone deserves opportunities to have a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. We stand for helping, hopefulness, and optimism. We create, invest in, and facilitate partnerships to effect maximum community impact. We address critical community needs. That’s why the Greater Valdosta United Ways’ work is focused on the building blocks for a good life:

Education, Income, and Health.

The United Way has adopted three Community Goals that keep education, income, and health in mind, while providing the sharpened focus necessary for creating the kind of strategic investments and actions that can make a bigger difference in the lives of our community members. We can improve lives by activating the caring power of the community to achieve those goals that will create lasting changes in community conditions.


Assure children and youth have the support and experiences needed for a successful life and career.

- 12,744 Youth served in after school & summer programs
- 776 Children with disabilities provided recreational programs
- 2,739 Child abuse educational services offered

Financial Stability

Increase the number of financially stable households in our communities.

- 54 Individuals received buyer education
- 1,352 Mortgages supported
- 29 Families received utility assistance
- 201 Potential home owner application meetings provided services offered


Improve and sustain the community's overall health and wellness.

- 153 Respite services provided
- 1,925 Individuals served due to domestic abuse
- 1,043 Child abuse services offered
- 265 Children with disabilities provided with recreational programs

Family and Community

- 191 Disaster services provided
- 170,000 Food pantry/meal services provided
- 402 Individuals provided with shelter
- 27,997 Individuals received assistance through United Way programs

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